Ukraine Work Visa

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Ukraine

Both employees and employers have certain requirements for Ukrainian work visas and permits. Employers must pay foreign employees at least 47,230 UAH per month as of January 2020 unless they’re in a “special category.” These individuals are usually founders or beneficiaries of a Ukrainian company. All work permits are issued based on employment with a specific company in a certain position.

You, as the employer, must apply for work permits on behalf of employees. Required documents include:

  • Copy of the passport with personal details
  • A passport-sized color photo of the employee
  • A copy of the employment contract with your certification
  • Documents confirming you have the power to represent the employee
  • Copies of higher education documents for applicants who graduated from top 100 universities
  • Certified copies of documents, copyright, and related rights for creative professionals
  • Copy of an agreement for a specific task if you sent the employee to Ukraine for a certain activity

If you issue these documents overseas, they will need to be legalized and translated into Ukrainian.

What Steps Should You Take to Get a Work Permit in Ukraine?

Once you complete the application and collect the required documents, you can file for your Ukraine work permit with local authorities of the State Employment Service of Ukraine at your company’s location. A representative from your company will need to go to the physical office, as there is no online filing system.

You will also need to pay the government’s fee, depending on the contract’s duration. Work permits are usually issued for the duration of the employment contract but no longer than three years for certain categories or one year for all other workers. Work permits for one to three years cost six living wages as defined by Ukrainian law on the first of every year. Work permits can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Other Important and Unique Considerations

The State Employment Service of Ukraine will either reject or approve the application within seven working days of receiving the filing. If approved, you will receive bank details for the work permit payment fee. You will need to give employees a certified copy of the work permit and ensure they sign their employment contract within 90 days of receiving the permit

Job Opening For :

  • Skilled NON-IT JOB
    • CSR(Customer Service Representative)
    • Factory Workers
    • carpentry workers
    • welding workers
    • drivers (person should have international driving permit IDP)
    • Food Delivery


  • Age Limit: 20-45years
  • Education: Inter+
  • Working Days: Monday-Friday
  • Salary: Min 50,000INR (600$-750$)
  • Processing Time: 45Days
  • Open Recruitments (50)


  • Free Accommodation
  • Medical Insurance Available
  • 24 Paid Holidays
  • Extension of Visa depends on their Behavior
  • Get paid for extra hours (OT)
  • No Higher Higher Education is Required