What Our Clients Say About Us

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here is what they’re saying about us.

Sandeep Mahendrakar

I was looking for UK work visa and have looked out to many consultancies in and outside Hyderabad. After spending a lot of time looking I came across Magnific. Initially I was not really sure as non of the previous consultancies I explored were up to mark or convincing enough. I called up and spoke to Rajesh for an appointment. After meeting Rajesh and having discussions about the complete process I was VERY IMPRESSED. Rajesh was very open to discussions and gave me a full clarity on each and everything that was needed for the visa processing - there was no stone unturned, I was really impressed and I signed up the next day. I CAN GLADLY SAY, I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY & KNOWLEDGEABLE are the words I would like to use to describe Rajesh and Magnific.

kareemuddin ahmed

This is the place to fulfil your dream, moreover, Rajesh is an exceptional guy with right attitude, he always their to help me out throughout my process. I strongly recommend his service to everyone who is reviewing my comment, have faith and proceed with the process.

RamyaSree Telu

have tired for most of the consultancies and to the most of the countries for the visa but nothing worked out. Everywhere the process and people where very commercial and at the same time we were cheated. Nobody truly worked on our profile. I spent most of my savings to many consultancies and for doing my visa process but some or the other way it use to be a miss and we got visa rejected. I taught it was our bad fate but when I found this consultancy, i explained Rajesh the whole situation of my crisis and also the struggles and he heard me with patience. All i asked him was, "do what all he can and dump me on a working visa to any country on the earth" and he laughed and said, give me 2 days and he worked on our profiles and finally guided us the right path and asked us to process. But as usual, i dint trust my fate & without any hope on visa, i did the process again just upon his words. But today, as he promised- he got my whole family tier 2 visa including dependents. We are flying soon. I really thank him for all his help. I recommend you to step in and check all his work and proceed. If it worked for us, it will surely work for u.

Pooja Gunna


We are very pleased with the service Magnific team has provided us so far in the VISA process.The team is very knowledgeable and quite helpful in every step of the way. Rajesh Garu assisted us in great manner with guiding on procedure and timely responses which made the whole process looks quite easier. We would definitely recommend Magnific for friends and family! 1


I can say this is the best consultancy to approach for visa process once again my special thanks to Rajesh Garu