Choose Your Work Visa


The UK Tier 2 visa is for workers who are offered a job in the UK and therefore have an employer who will act as a sponsor for their visa application. How to get sponsorship in the UK is through a job offer for a position categorised as a ‘shortage occupation’ and the employer completing a ‘resident labour market test’ to prove that the job can't be filled by a resident worker.


USA H1B Visa

H-1B is issued to a specialty occupation , requires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge along with a bachelors degree or its equivalent. The US employer must be able to justify the exclusive need for this foreign worker/visa holder and prove that the task cannot be accomplished by a local citizen who may either be unavailable or not qualified, either academically or professionally.


Poland Work Visa

Employees should be aware that their work permit is only valid for the time they stay with the company that applied for it on their behalf. Should they want to switch careers, their new employer will need to apply for an entirely new permit..


Ukraine Work Visa

Both employees and employers have certain requirements for Ukraine work visas and permits. Employers must pay foreign employees at least 47,230 UAH per month as of January 2020 unless they’re in a “special category.” These individuals are usually founders or beneficiaries of a Ukrainian company. All work permits are issued based on employment with a specific company in a certain position. More..