About Skilled Worker Visa Duration

uk tier 2 visa consultants in hyderabad. This Work permit visa or skilled worker visa is initially for 3 years and you can extend it 2 more years i.e. a total of 5 years. So that you can eligible for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) i.e. PR (Permanent Resident).

A Skilled Work visa legalises you to come and stay in the UK to do an eligible job with an approved Employer.

uk tier 2 visa consultants in hyderabad

UK Skilled Work Visa ( Tier2 General Visa)

The Tier2 General Visa was replaced on December 01, 2020 by Skilled Worker Visa. UK is ready to hire talented and skilled professionals to work in UK under Tier 2 Visa Programme.

uk tier 2 visa consultants in hyderabad

Certificate Of Sponsorship From An Employer

This Skilled Worker Visa (Tier2 general) visa is for those who have a job offer in the UK and whose profession appears on the shortage occupations list.

To apply for a UK Skilled worker visa you must need a sponsorship letter from the UK employer which is called a “Certificate of Sponsorship” And that employer must be approved by the Home office.

The workers whose occupations are listed on the skilled worker (Tier2) shortage occupation list.

Naric Certification

For applying to Skilled Worker Visa, No need for any exam, Your MOI (Medium Of Instruction) Certificate.

MOI is the certificate that states the language in which medium you completed your degree education. And that should be in English Medium only. You have to submit your Educational Documents along with your MOI Certificate.

Steps Of Visa Process For UK Skilled Worker Visa


Passport and Travel History.

Certificate of sponsorship

Sponsorship from a licensed employer from UK

Medical Test

Tuberculosis test is mandatory before we apply a uk visa

Visa application (VFS & Biometrics)

Assistance in online for visa application and VFS services

English Certification (NARIC)

Without An IELTS or any exam Evaluation can be done by UK in online based on our education documents

What is the processing time for
UK Skilled Worker Visa?

You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK. It depends on the date listed on your certificate of Sponsorship. You will need to prove your identity and provide your documents. Once you have identified and provide your documents.
One you have applied for a skilled worker visa online, prove your identity and provide your documents. You will usually get an update on your visa within; Once the online application for a skilled worker visa is completed and the necessary documentation is provided, applicants typically receive updates on the status of their visa application within a reasonable timeframe. This timeline varies depending on the specifics of each case and the workload of the immigration authorities. It’s imperative for applicants to stay informed about the progress of their application, as any delays or issues may impact their ability to commence work in the UK as planned. Therefore, maintaining communication with the relevant authorities and ensuring all necessary steps are completed accurately and promptly is essential throughout the visa application process.

• 30 – 45 days, If you are inside or outside the UK.

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