uk tier2 mor visa

UK Tier 2 MOR ( Mortage) Visa

Mortgages for Tier 2 Visa Holders - Many Capital Fortune clients have asked us to assist them in obtaining a mortgage over the years as they are resident in the UK with a Tier 2 visa.

We have helped clients who are coming to the UK, may have just arrived in the UK or may have limited time left on their visa to remain in the UK

We typically assist clients to arrange a mortgage up to 90% of the value of the property they wish to purchase - so a minimum deposit of 10% is required..

We offer a dedicated service to our clients looking for a mortgage on a tier 2 visa. Our advisors have established relationships with senior underwriters at many lenders nationally and internationally who can consider applicants on a tier 2 visa. As well as obtaining our clients the most efficient and cost effective rates possible, we will further enhance our client’s chances of a successful transaction through tough economic times..

If you have come to work in the UK and are on a Foreign National Visa you have probably felt disadvantaged when it comes to getting a mortgage. The good news is as we are situated in London so we are accustomed to arranging mortgages for applicants on visas and we specialise in Foreign National Mortgage Advice and every day we speaking to clients looking for a Mortgage with a Visa..

Most lending institutions do not like to lend to mortgage applicants on Visas but as we specialist in complex Mortgage with a Visa we have set about to devise a number of solutions with our mortgage lender partners. We have expelled the virtues of Visa applicants and convinced their underwriters to recognise the quality of our mortgage support services for non-UK citizens.

In fact we have several mortgage avenues for applicants on a Tier 1 Visa or Tier 2 Visa including mortgages for those applicants with just a short time left on their current Visa. Yes, that’s right we can place mortgages for applicants with less than 3 months to run on their current Visa and we often have exclusive access to Mortgage with a Visa products..

Sometimes it is not a question of whether the lender says they can help or not. It is simply in the way the information is presented in the most favourable light and this is where our first hand experience of successfully completing on many cases is paramount, as is our affiliation with the decision makers many who we know on a first name basis due to the volume of cases we supply. They trust that we will provide suitable applicants and therefore are happy to process our deals rather than view something as problematic put it to the bottom of the pile or reject them out of plain lethargy..

In short we deal with Mortgage with a Visa application on a daily based and really do know our stuff. To prove this point we do not charge our clients any up front fees so you really dont have anything to loose by choosing Niche Advice as your preferred mortgage brokers.

There are many types of Visas the most common is Tier 1 Visas which are granted to professionals such as doctors, dentists and accountants but we can also help Tier 2 Visa applicants. In recent months we have seen an influx of Non EU IT Consultants wishing to take out a mortgage whilst they are posted in the UK on a Visa to implement systems before returning home..

With UK property prices fairly static, interest rates on mortgages are at an historical low and rents high it makes sense to purchase a property via a mortgage even if the ultimate intention is to return home when the Visa expires. .

Many Non UK Citizens with Visa’s find they want to purchase homes quicker than intended and although lenders can give out good initial vibes for applicants on a Visa in without expert help the reality is the Foreign National Mortgages are unlikely to be successful without the right support and expertise of someone fighting your corner..