france study visa

Why study in FRANCE

The higher education system in France offers excellent programs across all disciplines and study levels. It has 3,500 plus higher education institutions with a diverse range of subjects. These include but not limited to Engineering, Business Management, Tourism and Social Work, Culinary Arts and Hotel Management.

  • Universities in France have quality higher education tailored for the needs of the students with exceptional R&D opportunities
  • France has an ambiance favourable for young Entrepreneurs and innovation
  • Outstanding career prospects with options for Post Study Visa
  • The Top 20 Universities in France are ranked and recognized by QS in the global top 500
  • The Government of France subsidizes a vast share of the actual tuition costs and thus Tuition fees are low at Public Universities
  • An analogous Grandes Ecoles system that is on par with a Masters degree
Work Authorization for students

Student Applicant:

  • You must be over 18 years of age;
  • For a training course not exceeding three months, you will be issued a short-stay visa;
  • For a training course exceeding three months or six months, you will be issued a temporary long-stay visa, which will require no further formalities on your arrival in France;
  • For training or a course exceeding six months, you will be issued a long-stay visa, equivalent to a residence permit, which will be subject to further formalities on your arrival in France.
France student visa Requirements:
  • Visa application form for France Study Visa
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • 2 photos of passport size
  • A valid passport and copies of your previous Visas if any
  • Official Letter of Acceptance/Enrolment from the University in France
  • Evidence of monetary means for covering all expenses during the period of study
  • Air flight reservation/ticket with the date of departure
  • Medical insurance that can cost around € 311 – € 714 yearly
  • Documents that state the arrangement for accommodation for your studies
  • If you have enrolled in a course taught in French, you will need proficiency certificate for the French language
  • Evidence of payment of Visa fees
  • If applicable, proof of civil status