europe study visa

Your stepping stone to a europe career

European countries are a great option for students looking to study abroad. Not only do these countries have well established educational systems and some of the world’s leading universities, they also give students access to the European job market. With a plethora of countries to choose from and access to the single-market, Europe is ideal for students seeking knowledge and high career prospects. MAGNIFIC helps students navigate the European education system and gain admission to prestigious universities

Why study in EUROPE?

Europe is the ideal destination for young students seeking to establish themselves abroad. It boasts of high quality universities in every discipline and a welcoming multi-cultural environment.

  • Renowned universities
  • Access to scholarships & free education (some countries)
  • Opportunities in sciences, arts & business
  • Multicultural environment
  • Access to Europe
  • Visa application form for selected country
  • Must meet age requirements of the country
  • Valid passport
  • Valid documentation from European university
  • Documents and evidence of adequate finances for your expenses
  • Flight tickets
  • Meet language requirement if any
Working in EUROPE while studying

Certain countries in Europe allow students to work for a stipulated number of hours annually. However, this can be part-time work and not full-time.

Working in EUROPE after education:

European countries offer various employment opportunities for graduates. Typically, graduates need to apply for temporary residence or a work-permit soon after graduating in order to stay on. Your MAGNIFIC consultant can guide you on this process so you can plan your educational and professional journey in Europe better.