Introduction to the UK Skilled Work Visa

The UK Skilled Work Visa, previously known as the Tier 2 General Visa, is designed to attract talented professionals from around the world to fill skill gaps in the UK labor market. This visa allows individuals to work in a variety of sectors, including IT, and can be a gateway to settling in the UK permanently.

Why the UK?

The UK is home to a thriving tech industry, with London, Manchester, and other cities emerging as global tech hubs. Working in the UK provides IT professionals with access to cutting-edge technology, a robust startup ecosystem, and the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Moreover, the UK government actively supports tech innovation through various incentives and initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria for IT Professionals

To qualify for the UK Skilled Work Visa, IT professionals must meet specific eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements:

1. Job Offer from a UK Employer

You must have a job offer from a UK employer who holds a valid Sponsor Licence. The job must be at the appropriate skill level and meet the salary threshold.

2. Job Code

Your job offer must correspond to an eligible occupation code. For IT professionals, common codes include:

  • 2135: IT Business Analysts, Architects, and Systems Designers
  • 2136: Programmers and Software Development Professionals
  • 2137: Web Design and Development Professionals
  • 2139: Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals not elsewhere classified

3. Salary Requirements

The salary must meet the general salary threshold of £25,600 or the ‘going rate’ for the specific occupation, whichever is higher. For certain shortage occupations, lower salary thresholds may apply.

4. English Language Proficiency

You must demonstrate proficiency in English by passing an approved English language test or having an academic qualification taught in English.

5. Financial Requirements

You need to show that you have enough personal savings to support yourself in the UK, typically £1,270 unless your employer can certify your maintenance.

The Application Process

The application process for the UK Skilled Work Visa involves several steps. Here’s a detailed guide:

Step 1: Obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Your UK employer must provide you with a Certificate of Sponsorship, a reference number required for your visa application. This certificate confirms that the job offer meets the necessary criteria.

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

Prepare the necessary documentation, including:

  • Your Certificate of Sponsorship reference number
  • Proof of your English language proficiency
  • Proof of personal savings
  • A valid passport or travel document
  • A criminal record certificate (if required)
  • Your job offer details, including salary and occupation code

Step 3: Complete the Online Application

You can apply for the visa online. The application form will require personal information, details of your job offer, and the Certificate of Sponsorship number.

Step 4: Pay the Application Fees

The visa application fees vary based on the duration of the stay and whether your job is on the shortage occupation list. Typically, fees range from £610 to £1,408. Additionally, you must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is £624 per year.

Step 5: Attend a Biometric Appointment

After submitting your application, you’ll need to book and attend a biometric appointment at a visa application center to provide your fingerprints and photograph.

Step 6: Wait for a Decision

Visa processing times can vary, but you’ll generally receive a decision within three weeks. If your application is successful, you’ll receive a vignette (sticker) in your passport, allowing you to travel to the UK.

Living and Working in the UK

Once you’ve secured your visa, it’s time to plan your move and settle into your new role in the UK.

Finding Accommodation

Begin by researching housing options in the city where you’ll be working. Websites like Rightmove and Zoopla are excellent resources for finding rental properties. Consider factors such as proximity to work, public transportation links, and local amenities.

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a UK bank account is essential for managing your finances. Most banks require proof of identity (passport) and proof of address (rental agreement or utility bill).

Registering with a GP

Register with a local General Practitioner (GP) to access healthcare services. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) provides comprehensive medical care, and the Immigration Health Surcharge covers your healthcare costs.

Networking and Professional Development

The UK’s tech industry offers numerous networking opportunities. Join professional associations like BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and attend industry events and meetups. Engaging with the tech community can help you stay updated with industry trends and advance your career.

Pathways to Permanent Residency

The UK Skilled Work Visa can lead to permanent residency (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK. To qualify, you must:

  • Have lived in the UK for at least five years
  • Have been continuously employed and meet the salary requirements
  • Pass the Life in the UK Test and demonstrate continued proficiency in English

After obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain, you can eventually apply for British citizenship.

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